Luxor KwikBoost EdgePowerâ„¢ Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit
The EdgePower Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit features an innovative design that easily attaches to most tables and desktops. Once connected, it offers a standard AC outlet, a USB-A charging port, and a USB-C PD charging port. When loaded with a freshly recharged EdgePower rechargeable battery which are not included with this unit. To create a complete system, the Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit requires a KwikBoost EdgePower Rechargeable Battery. You also need your choice of a Single Battery Charger, 3-Bay Base Charging Station, or 9-Bay Base Charging Station (sold separately or in bundles).

Manufacture: Luxor Kwikboost (KBEP-CGR )
Vendor: Howard Industries (116568)
Unit Cost: $63.00

Pre-tax total

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